Stimuli generates leads
for B2B companies 

Focused on securing meetings for software development and marketing agencies
Our data gathering software has allowed us to automate most processes. Giving us ability to offer you world-class service without breaking the bank.
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We’ve worked with 20+ agencies like yours

Securing 100s of meetings for industry leaders gives us confidence that we can do same for you.

Our Services

Designed for agencies, both with and without Lead Generation teams.

Collaborating with both founder-led Lead generation companies and those with specialized teams, we've tailored three specific services for each scenario.

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Pay Per Qualified Meeting

We generate qualified leads through outreach. You close the deal.

- Duration

  • Minimum 2 month

- Pricing

  • Minimum monthly fixed fee and Pay per qualified meeting fee - based on agreement.

For Sales Teams Lacking Tech Expertise

We'll implement a personalized outbound automation system, utilizing our custom built automations with Airtable, to seamlessly integrate with your current stack,  creating outbound machine.

- Duration

  • 1 month

- Pricing

  • 2500€

For larger sales and marketing teams

Hyper-personalized contact data with verified target audience information.

  • $79 for every 1,100 validated contacts.
  • See pricing details available on our software landing page.

Customer testimonials

We have used Stimuli’s Indeed and clutch data extractors to target marketing agencies which had job openings for designers.
In less than a month we have booked 15 meetings one of them was CEO of

Ira Kimberg

Founder at W&W

With stimuli I am automatically finding contact information of companies which have job openings for Javascript developers on Indeed and Wellfound.

Mladen Grujicic

CEO at Antech

Stimuli have guided us into the B2B marketing world. The implementation process was quick because we integrated their methodologies and technologies in three months. The team handled it quite well. Their honest feedback on our processes was crucial for our success.

David Khosroshvili

CEO of Maxin AI

Thanks to Stimuli, we have optimized our Account-based marketing processes. The alignment of sales and marketing departments was smooth. They have implemented the most cost-effective toolstack on the market. Their role in our everyday activities has helped us to build a revenue pipeline that we use today

Gaga Darsalia

CEO of Redberry

Latest case studies

26 qualified meetings in 4 months for Swiss digital transformations agency
qualified meetings
4 Months
102 appointments in 5 months for Digital transformation agency
Qualified Meetings
5 Months

29 qualified appointments in 80 days for a design studio.
Contracts signed
Qualified appointments

What tools do we use?

We use our own software as a main data source with various automation tools and custom solutions to successfully execute and do reports for outreach campaign